Goal setting

My goals from this diet are:

1. Lose 10kgs
2. Become fitter and healthier
3. Change the way I eat
4. Drink less wine
5. Be happier with the way I look

I have a self-imposed 9 month deadline, equalling around losing just over 1kg (2.2lbs) per month. That should hopefully be realistic without being obsessive!

My aim is to walk to work (uphill 20 mins), run downhill home (15 mins with a bit of a detour to make it worthwhile) around 4 times per week. I am going to take up yoga (James says that cortisone – the stress hormone – actually makes you retain fat and therefore meditating and de-stressing can help you lose weight) and was also contemplating zumba or some equally fast paced work out. I also take part in a fitness training group once per week.


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