Starting Project Clean and Lean

Now I’ve decided to start on the Clean and Lean Diet, I just want to make a few things clear:

1) I am no way anything associated with James Duigan, Elle Macpherson or any other supermodel

2) I don’t work for the publishers or any PR firm representing the above

3) I’m not getting paid to do this

4) I’m doing this purely out of self interest and research

Now I’ve got that out of the way, let’s get on with it.

I’ve had a read of the books, very easy to understand and written in very clear language. None of this scientific nonsense, it basically works off the rule of ‘CRAP’ (his words not mine), representing ‘Caffeine, Refined Sugar, Alcohol, Processed Foods’.  As I don’t really go to McDonalds or eat frozen meals, that would be ok for me.  However, on close inspection, he’s talking about EVERYTHING man-made, oh dear. That would mean, cereals, so-called fruit bars, mustard, ketchup, muffins, doughnuts, pasta, rice, biscuits, cookies, tinned stuff, crisps and a whole host of other things.  Even the cereals like Special K which are supposedly ‘healthy’ is not for consumption…so I may as well chuck that in the bin then.  The theory is that it’s laden with salt and sugar and these are the baddies.  CRAP apparently sticks to your body as fat, simple as.

Alcohol is bad – white wine and beer being the worst (no more Sauv  No more rice (double help), no more choccy cake and such like – this is going to be depressing.  However, I have vowed to give it a go, being that bride-to-be, I’ll let my Bridezilla instincts kick in and take over.

I’d like to point out that I also work full-time and live off modest means i.e. I’m not a millionaire and I don’t have personal trainers and chefs, so it would be interesting to see how easy it would be to follow this programme.


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