Kicking off the 14 day eating or the 6 day flat tummy plan?

So have decided to stop delaying this diet – actually I shouldn’t even call it a diet, it’s a change in the way I eat not starving myself to death.

So after the hoo-ha of the Royal Wedding, with Kate Middleton (or now the Duchess of Cambridge – how grand!) looking sleek and groomed, I have decided that surely she must have suffered a little bit to look so amazing, so I will really give this a go (ok, I know I said that a few weeks back but I mean it this time and my wedding is looming ever closer), therefore, today I am equipping myself with the foods that I need to be eating.

Upon consultation of James’ book, it appears that the 14 day eating plan consists of mainly chicken, asparagus, broccoli, more chicken, peppers, turkey, avocado, more chicken and more veg – where’s the fruit?! where’s the yoghurts and oat cakes?! It appears that this ‘eating plan’ is mainly protein and veg for the first 14 days with a few nuts thrown in. Of course, alcohol is out and mineral water and a squeeze of lime will be my best friend.

The 6 day flat tummy plan is pretty much the same as the 14 day eating plan bar the coffee (which I don’t drink anyway so that’s ok). It is designed to make your body less acidic and to eliminate all toxins from your body and things that bloat you up. These include:

– salt
– chilli or spicy herbs
– no fat (except a fish oil capsule)
– no frying or overcooking of veg and needs to be steamed, baked or grilled
– no coffee, only water and green tea

He asks that you take a Bodyism (his own brand of health products) fish oil capsule three times daily after each meal plus a multi- vitamin (his own of course) as well.  These tablets cost AUD60 or GBP30 for 60 capsules which is pretty steep for me, so I’m going to find a lesser expensive alternative.

This 6 day plan also means that you can’t eat pasta, bread or rice…it’s beginning to sound more and more like the no carb Atkins diet that spawned a phenomenon of celebs looking drawn and gaunt with bad breath some years ago. However, James points out that it’s for 6 days and it’s for occasions when a client (read: supermodel) wants to be bikini ready for a photo shoot. Right then, I think the 6 day eating plan is not for me at the moment – it’s chilly in Sydney and am not getting my body out on the beach for a photo shoot, so there you go – I’ll be doing the 14 day eating plan then.  It is, however, great for weddings, holidays and times when you want to look fabulous (that would be all the time then?).

So, the long and short of it is, I’ll be eating meat and veg all week.  Grilled and baked, not fried.  Steaming where possible and no booze.  Not sure how I’ll manage this with eating my lunch at work (microwaves are banned on this eating plan) so think I’ll be eating lots of cold stuff.  I’ll be drinking lots of water and taking early nights…what a stimulating life I will lead!


2 thoughts on “Kicking off the 14 day eating or the 6 day flat tummy plan?

    • projectcleanandlean says:

      I am not taking any powders or protein supplements but am taking fish oil tablets and regular multi-vitamins. I don’t think it’s necessary to buy his products – you just need to ensure you have lots of fruit and veg and watch out for your portions too…you soon get used to it.

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