Week One (again): Fatigue and headaches

I woke up bright and breezy on day one – Monday morning – raring to get myself going with this new eating plan.  Breakfast was a 3 egg-white omelette with peppers and spinach. It was quite tasty and is significantly different to what I would normally have for brekkie (usually some toast with marmalade or peanut butter or porridge with honey).  I found that it takes a bit of time to sort out your eating plan and you need to be very organised. I consulted the lunch and snacks for the rest of the day which were:

Snack: 100g chicken with pepper (capsicum)

Lunch: chicken breast with salad and red pepper

Snack: 100g turkey and 1/4 cucumber

I varied the above a bit and just went for lots of chicken instead of the turkey. The menu for the rest of the week was pretty much the same but I substituted the omelette with a hard boiled egg instead (yippee, what variety!) and I did find some fruit in the fridge so I had a mandarin here and there but no other sugar, carbs or caffeine, and especially no processed foods AT ALL.

By mid-morning I was hungry, so I had some chicken and a bit of pepper.  Come lunchtime it was chicken and pepper again with some salad.  I couldn’t face the thought of just eating leaves on their own, so I made some dressing with olive oil and white wine vinegar – hopefully that’s not too drastic for this 14 day plan.  I didn’t stick to the menu religiously purely because of the amount of food stuffs one would need to buy, so I varied it a bit.  After I ate lunch I was immediately hungry again, it was excruciating but I managed to down some water (filtered) and had a green tea to satisfy my stomach.

The week progressed much the same as the above, boring food and munching on leaves all day.  Whilst colleagues were eating their carb loaded sarnies and even one had the audacity to buy some hot chips with chicken salt and mayo, I was sniffing the air longingly and looked on pitifully.  The worse part of this eating plan is how hungry I am, I was so hungry one day that I was even in a meeting with a rumbling stomach, hoping that others didn’t notice the noise emitted from under the table. That was slightly embarrassing! The other thing I noticed was that I had to really plan my foods every day.  I needed to be mindful that I was only allowed veg and protein and once I got over that, it was pretty easy to just eat very boring food.

By day four (Thursday) I woke up with a storming headache – just in the middle of my forehead between the eyes – I thought I was just dehydrated so drank some water. It was with me all day and I was extremely tired.  As it is cold in Sydney, I thought I was just a bit run down and thought nothing of it.  However, when it got to the evening, I was so exhausted I fell asleep on the sofa at 8pm, eventually waking up at 9.30pm and headed off to bed after taking some headache tablets.  That night I slept over eight and a half hours which is unusual for me as I usually survive pretty well on seven! I’m not sure if it is a symptom of eating boring food all week or if I was just run down.  Maybe the toxins were escaping from my body?! I’ve found that I’m a lot more lethargic and even though I am taking multi-vitamins and fish oil tablets, plus c0-enzyme Q10 and Glucosamine (yes, I probably rattle), I still felt like crap.

Today, day five, I felt like I’d kind of managed to resign myself to the fact that I was always going to be hungry and that I just needed to get on with it. In fact, I didn’t notice it too much as I was pretty busy at work.  On day two, I had a dinner to go to and had to ask for a special dish with just chicken and vegetables. I found that I was so hungry, I didn’t bother to speak to anyone until I had finished, which is pretty bad behaviour but I just wanted food.

For exercise, I have taken up yoga (once per week) and am (badly) trying to do the strength exercises which are part of the 14 day plan.  As I am walking up hill to work and running home most days, I haven’t bothered with the cardio part of the workout, which is 30 minutes of interval training (warm up, jog, run fast for one minute, slow down, jog, run fast etc and repeat), twice per week.  I feel that sometimes we don’t all have the time to religiously stick to the rules but if we manage to get our body moving and try to do it when we can, that should be good enough?

This week, I have been invited to drinks (turned it down, too much of a temptation and I was tired) and am going out on the weekend to a gig. I will try my very very best to stick to mineral water and some lime.   It is a test of will-power but I think that if you do get over it and suck it up (and remind yourself you’re doing it for a reason), then you can do it. Power of positive thinking and all that!

Key things to note for this week:

  • Constantly hungry and thinking about food
  • Had to be organised and buy the right food and prepare it all in advance
  • Cutting the CRAP meant I felt crap – was very tired and had a headache on day four
  • Needed to think before I ordered when I went out to eat
  • Had to turn down social events because they included drinking
  • I’d actually lost a kilo this week! Result 🙂

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