What do you do when you go on holiday?

Last week I went away on holiday which was lovely! However, how do you continue with this eating plan when you’re faced with airport and aeroplane food? I was in Thailand – the land of the carbs – with noodles and rice coming at me from every angle.

I started the trip off badly, I succumbed to some alcohol in the lounge and on the plane – after all I was on holiday! Time to let loose right? Wrong, it’s not really something the clean and lean diet supports – only mineral water and a squeeze of lime, which is thoroughly boring. I tried as much as I could to stick to the clean and lean flavours, ordering Thai salad, only eating seafood with no additional rice but it was very hard, after all Thailand has some of the most gorgeous and delicious dishes.

When I returned from my week-long trip, I weighed myself, not a happy sight – I had put on 2 kilos and after all the effort of the week before, I was rather annoyed with myself.

The key when you’re on hols is to probably try and be sensible and watch the portions and get back onto it when you return.  Also, on planes, make sure you try and ask for the low-fat meal option and cut out the alcohol.

Things to note for this week:

– Going on holiday has ruined my good intentions

– Going on holiday was fun and I enjoyed drinking beer and eating divine food

– I had put on 2 kilos

– Making clean and lean as a lifestyle choice is not easy


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