Just getting on with it…

I haven’t been posting lately – mainly due to time and work commitments but as much as anything, I have simply been getting on with it.  Yup, you heard…none of this: ‘I’m hungry’ or ‘I don’t know what to eat’, I have been skipping merrily along on this new way of eating. It’s true! If I had thought this a few months ago when I was having trouble getting started, I would have laughed at myself and said: ‘Go on, eat another cup cake, have a glass of wine..or two!’ but nope, I am not hungry, not tired, not craving sugar (well not as much), not miserable.

The only thing that I am missing is being able to choose freely what I want to eat – that’s the buggeration – pardon the French.  I have been going into cafes and scouring the menu and seeing that there’s only a handful of things I can eat.  However, you do manage to choose something and generally it wouldn’t have been your first choice before this new way of eating, but really, that is what got me into this in the first place – eating what I wanted and not thinking about how it piles on the kgs.

So to review the first few months:

– It has been hard work, but with a bit of effort, it is like anything you give up – you need will power

– I am feeling healthier, fitter and feel better about myself

– My BMI has gone down and not in the ‘slightly over’ bracket – good news as high blood pressure runs in my family

– I put on a skirt that was slightly tight previously the other day and it is now loose – good to see that inches have come off my tummy!

– I bought my wedding dress the other day and the lady in the shop said: ‘Oooh it fits you perfectly, only just don’t put on weight, but you can lose it!’…so I had better not put on weight otherwise the very expensive wedding dress I’ve just bought won’t fit – that’s incentive enough to keep going on this!

Things to note for this week:

– Have lost another 1 kgs – it’s coming off slower now

– Am still drinking – just moderately and not going on a bender like the last time

– Total weight loss so far is 5 kgs! It does work.  Good old James and his healthy eating ways! 🙂


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