Busy Bee: keeping up with clean and lean on business trips

The past few weeks has been pretty busy for me, I’ve been away on a few business trips, had reports to write, things to juggle and suchlike. Anyway, I’ve found it pretty hard keeping up with Clean and Lean when away for work and being busy.

For starters, plane food is horrific – I don’t care what anyone says, it’s a gut rotter! Ok, re-phrase, it’s not really clean and lean; so that was the first hurdle: how does one eat clean and lean when plane food is so dreadful? You can’t bring your own on board and if you’re hungry, really, you should eat what’s given to you. I’ve had to compromise and eat what I can and leave the rest, so clean and lean is good for weight loss after all because you end up starving yourself ;p

Second of all, when one doesn’t have a personal chef like Elle and the other supermodels, and you are going from meeting to meeting and your client doesn’t stop for lunch, then I start eating what I can, when I can. I can’t really stop and say: ‘hold on, I just have to have my 100g of chicken and some carrots as my mid-morning snack’, you are faced with on-the-run sarnies and biscuits on the boardroom table. I’ve been so good recently but as I don’t go away often for work, I’ve taken my body out of sync…which meant I felt bad, sluggish and…actually more motivated to get back into it.

I’ll just say to myself that I’ll be good 80% of the time and 20% can be for those moments of weakness when you just have to have that chocolate cake or a sausage roll (yes, I love them and I know they’re full of bad stuff). The art of clean and lean is to not deny yourself, so that’s the rule I have in my head for now.

Onwards and upwards!

Things to note:

– 80/20 rule

– Keep some snacks in your bag if you can e.g. nuts, some fruit, oat cakes

– Keep drinking water, sometimes you’re thirsty, not hungry

– Deep squats and push ups in your hotel room! Keep up with the exercise

– Take your gym kit if you can – hotels mainly have gyms or remember to take a walk round the block


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