Four Month Review: how clean and lean is working for me

Before I started Clean and Lean I had kept a diary of my weight and vital stats, in summary:

By Week 3,  I had lost 3 kilos and 7 inches from my body.

By Week 7, the weight had dropped another 1 kilo and showed that weight was coming off slower.  However, I was still losing inches from my body and significantly from my lower tummy.  My arms and legs hadn’t changed much (actually they are not so much my problem areas and everyone’s different).

Between Weeks 9 and 12, there was no weight change! Besides the blip in between when I went on holiday and gained and lost again, I went back to not losing anything.  However, undeterred, I ploughed on and kept on with it.

Now in Week 16, I have noted the following:

– Overall weight loss of 8 kilos (17lbs or 1 stone 3lbs)

– Lost 16.5 inches from all over my body

– Down 2 dress sizes

– Now in the ‘normal’ zone on the BMI scale and not ‘overweight’!

My current exercise is:

– Fast walking uphill to work (20 mins), 5 days per week

– Running 4-5 times per week for around 20 mins

– Yoga once per week

Goal setting for next 16 weeks:

– Lose another 5 kilos – will prove to be a bit more difficult considering it’s dropping off slower now

– Lose another 12 inches from all over (will have a flat tummy!!)

– Down one more dress size

– Maintain BMI


Keep doing the walking to work, running home and yoga. I will do more body sculpting exercises such as arms, legs and abs.  I’m going to join a Pilates class too to help me.

What about the CRAP?


Well I wasn’t a big coffee drinker anyway, but have cut out diet Coke altogether which is a significant gesture for me as I used to drink it regularly.  Green tea once per day, if at all.

Refined sugar

This was quite hard, I had to cut out cakes, pastries, biccies and bad chocolate.  Replaced with nuts, oatcakes and good chocolate which is at least 70% cocoa and I’ve opted for organic. Having the occasional choccie doesn’t make you feel like you’re depriving yourself.  I’ve upped my fruit intake and whilst all around me are falling down with colds and flu – I’ve managed to escape any illnesses! 🙂


Also quite hard, the first few weeks was pretty good and then it went a bit pear shaped: holidays, naughty wine drinking friends, business trips but it just goes to show that if you do cut out booze, you do lose weight – will have to bear this in mind and am now opting for red wine or G&T instead if I want to drink.

Processed foods

I didn’t really eat frozen or junk food much so this was easy.  However, I did eat cereals and this is a no-no according to James. I looked at labels at the supermarket and tried to buy organic.  I now buy free range eggs and organic meat – tastes nicer too.

Lunches and dinners

Lunch is mainly salad, chicken or some other meat/fish, lots of fruit – quite boring actually but will just suck it up. Sometimes I’ll have a sarnie and it’s usually sourdough with lots of salad and no mayo or dressings.  I don’t have any pasta or rice for dinner which is what I used to have – I don’t eat a lot of carbs now which is a significant change.


Still taking the fish oils and a multi-vitamin – religiously – with brekkie.

As you can tell, it’s been hard, a bit time consuming and involved but it’s a way of life.  I saw a programme the other day and Joan Collins was talking to Gok Wan, she said: ‘if you eat junk, you look like junk’ and she’s still a sprightly 75 year old – very true and take it from a woman who has maintained her size 8 figure!

I am still motivated as people who I hadn’t seen in a while noted that I looked slimmer and very healthy – a real morale booster! As James said: ‘Brides are the best people to train because there are few human beings on the planet more motivated to strip fat!’.

Let’s see how the next 16 weeks pan out!




3 thoughts on “Four Month Review: how clean and lean is working for me

  1. Lisa says:

    the pilates will definitely help with the desire for that flat tummy. Core strength is the key 🙂

  2. marie says:

    just got books looking forward to being me again though coffee is going to be tough to stop as I drink what I now realise is a lot 5 cups daily but here goes

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