How the mighty hath fallen

After being so ‘just getting on with it’ and ‘it’s pretty easy really’, I’m going to be honest and say I’ve been struggling a bit these past few weeks. For a start I had a real craving for scones with a dollop of jam and lashings of cream – so I just went and had some. Now, in my defence, I did make them myself, so that doesn’t make it so bad in terms of not getting packaged or mass produced scones, but it’s had a remarked effect on my clean and lean eating plan.

I have noticed not one iota of difference in my body size or weight! I would’ve thought that eating carb laden scones five days in a row (ok, I made a batch and they had to be eaten) would make me gain the kgs but it didn’t happen. I was even naughtier by having a few glasses of white wine this week but nothing happened.

Now I won’t get complacent, I know my body’s metabolising it and storing it up get back at me later but I think it’s because I’m still fundamentally eating a low carb, protein rich diet with lots of exercise.

I’ve also reached a plateau…I am neither gaining nor losing weight and I’m not really sure what I need to do to keep losing the kgs and work towards that goal I’ve set myself. I will consult James’s book and report back.


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