Gallery of clean and lean meals

Just to give you and idea of what I’d been eating, I took some pics of the meals I’d prepared.

So, James suggests lots of eggs for brekkie and that’s exactly what I’d been eating; I think I now must qualify for my own chicken farm.


So, besides the variation of how to have eggs, I also invested some cash into the salmon farming industry.  The breakfasts were nice and then it got decidedly boring.  In the past week I varied it up with some organic muesli, Greek yoghurt and fruit (below), which is a welcome change.  The one thing to note about this ‘eating plan’ is that it is repetitive and you get to a point where you need some carbs in the form of a big fat bowl of pasta! I’d say that it would be great to have a follow up book with recipes for alternatives for breakfast – there isn’t nearly enough in the original books.  I will look for more recipes that suit the clean and lean theme and will post more food updates here.

Yum, eggs with broccolli :/

More salmon, more eggs, more hot water with lemon and some vitamin tablets

Egg white omelette - ok but I think you'll be ok with a regular egg, tasted quite weird

This was quite a nice breakfast of poached egg, smoked salmon and asparagus

I finally got bored with the eggs and salmon and wanted something different!


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