Losing my mojo and how to get it back

Losing my mojo

Since the last post, I have to say I’ve lost my mojo a bit. Whilst the diet is pretty easy to follow, it’s the getting out of the plateau that’s troubling me.  I’ve been running up hills, ensuring I have some carbs in the morning and not in the evening, trying to lay off the booze (this part is very difficult) and sticking to the rules.

The diet is deathly boring! It’s making life a bit dull.  I see something on the menu and it looks scrumptious, I look again and it’s got fries or potato or rice or something I’m not allowed to eat.  Trying to cook clean is difficult and to be honest I haven’t been following the ‘no microwave’ rule – how can you when you have a busy lifestyle and it’s the only way you can heat up your left over dinner from the night before at work? I don’t think that they’ll provide me with a stove to heat up my food!

Anyway, enough of the negatives, let’s look at the positives.  I’m still at the same weight which is both a good and a bad thing. I met a friend the other day who I hadn’t seen for a while and the first thing they remarked was how much weight I’d lost!  I also tried on my wedding dress that I purchased in May and it’s too big!

Getting my mojo back

It’s that last 5kgs that is hanging around that I’m trying my hardest to get rid of.  The only drastic action is to virtually eat no carbs.  The problem I get is that if I eat even the slightest hint of food to which I am intolerant, my tummy bloats up bigger than a whale.  So, in order to address this, I am going to try James’s 6 day de-bloat, flat tummy, eating plan.

The 6 day plan is earmarked ‘It’s tough, boring and repetitive, but it gets results!’.  I’ve taken a quick look at the menu plan and guess what? I’m back to eggs, chicken, peppers and spinach…I feel like I’ve lost the will to live.  I am also giving in and will be purchasing Body Serenity and Body Fibre as recommended in James’s 6 day plan.  Hopefully that will give me a kick up the backside to shift those final kgs.

The other issue is that I’ve gone and made a bit of a bet with my sister.  We’ve both decided to lose 5kgs by the end of November, it’s now the beginning of November.  I don’t think it’s going to happen but I’m going to try my hardest!!

Things to note for this week:

– When they have snacks at work, don’t have any!

– Get out and go for walks at lunchtime and don’t eat lunch at my desk

– I will allow myself to have a few drinks at the leaving do I’m going to next Friday and will start on 6 day plan once I get the products from the Bodyism Bodystore

– Start getting more sleep (have been surviving on 6 hours/night these last few weeks and it’s not good) hopefully Body Serenity will help (well if it helps burn fat in one’s sleep then it’s helping me…!)

– Keep running up those hills and still taking my fish oil and multi-vitamin tablets



One thought on “Losing my mojo and how to get it back

  1. Clare says:

    Hi there,

    I have just started this program and lost 2cm around my waist in 3 days. I was looking around the web for inspiration and foudn your blog. Just wanted to say thanks and keep it up!

    Clare : )

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