Body Serenity and Ultimate Clean

Bodyism products – initial thoughts

Body Serenity and Ultimate Clean

Bodyism products tested

Well I received my two products to kick start my 6 day flat tummy plan – Ultimate Clean and Body Serenity.  Only took a few days from ordering on the website to receiving, so that was good.

Haven’t tried them yet but from looking at the packet, there are unpronounceable ingredients…I thought that we weren’t supposed to ingest anything with more than 6 ingredients and they shouldn’t include ones with numbers after them?

For instance in Ultimate Clean ‘for a cleaner, leaner, lighter body’ and ‘burn fat clean – cleansing yourself from the inside out for beautiful skin, hair and strong nails. It will help keep you regular and promote good bowel health and function’ (hmm, hope it doesn’t cause any embarrassing moments!!) what is Slippery Elm? Sounds like something from Harry Potter; what is Oligofructose? (it has ‘..tose’ in it – thought that was a ‘no-no’?).

In Body Serenity ‘calming, soothing, skinny shake’ it has Xanthum Gum in it, what’s that?? Also Potassium Chloride – that sounds like something you’d use in a science experiment. This is the one you’re supposed to take just before going to bed to ‘burn fat fast – a deeper sleep for a beautiful lean, refreshed body’ and ‘burn fat healthy – rejuvenate & nourish your body while you sleep’, isn’t that still ‘eating’ before bedtime?

I hope it tastes better than it sounds, so will report back on that.  I am lactose intolerant so will aim to take it mixed with lactose free milk and soya milk.  It also suggests you can take with water so in the interest of research, I shall try it with water as well.

Things to note for this week:

– Have started a new job so now aiming to walk from my place in north of the Harbour, over the Harbour Bridge and into the City – 6kms one way – 12kms per day! May even try to run some of it on the way back just to see how I go

– Keep on it with the healthy and clean eating as per the 6 day diet plus shakes. Am still trying to ‘kick-start’ my metabolism again and get rid of those last 5 kgs

– Wedding dress fitting this week! I did try it on and it’s too big…now do I ask her to make it a teeny bit smaller so I squeeze into it and be incentivised to lose those kgs? Hmm…


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