Review of Bodyism products

Taken with hot water and lemon

I started taking the Ultimate Clean product this week to kick off the 6 day flat tummy eating plan and it’s like drinking mashed up bits of cardboard in water! Totally foul and bitter. Wasn’t sure whether it was going to be tasty or not but thought it would have been better than this! I tried it with soy milk and it’s just as bad, I just had to chug it down. The trick is to add it to the liquid rather than the other way round because it dissolves better that way (actually it didn’t really dissolve very well at all, so that must be what’s going through our body and cleaning us out!!).

I also tried the Body Serenity drink with lactose free milk and that was actually quite nice, it’s not nearly as bitter and is more like a smoothie. Taking it before bed is a bit of a pain, I had to get up and go to the loo in the middle of the night, so don’t take it just before going to bed, maybe an hour or so beforehand.

The only problem with this is that there are no instructions on how much liquid you should be drinking – no reference in the book or on the packet. It just says one scoop with water, milk or alternatives. I just took it with 250ml of liquid.

Confession time: I had to abandon the 6 day eating plan due to time; it calls for frequent exercise in the mornings and workouts, which is fine if you’re a supermodel and that’s your job to work at looking good but to us mere mortals with jobs and responsibilities we just don’t have enough time in the day. Ok, this does sound like a bit of a cop out and you should make the time, but I’ll have to leave this one until when I really do have a very very important event to go to.

At the moment, I’ll keep on with the eating clean and lean and looking at my portion sizes as well as keeping up with the walking to work. This component is going well and I managed it 4 out of the 5 days this week, equating to 32kms (45 minutes each way) walked this week (not including other parts of the day) and I used a pedometer and this is 12,800 steps per day! And for you statistic geeks out there, this means that just by walking to work equates to 51,200 steps this week!

Things to note for this week:

– The recommended 10,000 steps is actually a lot of walking. If that is the ideal number, we have to walk steadily at least 70 minutes per day.

– Although I generally am a runner, walking has given me aching legs – it’s the constant trekking which is working out my glutes – feeling a little sore this week

– Am slowly moving out of my plateau, I am down another 0.5kgs this week. Only 4.5kgs to go – will I make it within the next couple of months?


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