Using walking as a weight loss method

So in the last couple of weeks I decided to start walking to work.  For a start it saves me money on the travel, second, it takes the same time as using public transport (yes, really!) and third it means I am active for 1.5 hours a day, 5 days per week, which is perfect for me as I have a sedentary office job for the other 8 hours of the day.

Previously I was running home from work, taking up yoga and then to escape the plateau I started revving up the intensity of the workouts. I wanted to see how by simply walking to work could help with the weight loss.

As I’d been keeping a vital statistics diary, prior to walking to work, I had measured and weighed myself and today I did the same.  Even though I’ve been only walking for the past two weeks and with one run on the weekend, I have still managed to lose another 0.5kgs! My legs have gone down by another 1cm and they are starting to become more lean in appearance.  My legs are not my problem area to begin with but it just shows that you can still get very toned and lean by simply walking.  Having said that, I am going at a pretty fast pace, so no dawdling or stopping.

There’s a current Australian government initiative called ‘Swap it, Don’t Stop it‘ which encourages people to make minor changes to their lives, such as swapping sitting on the couch with going for a walk in the park or swapping larger portions for smaller.  I think this is great as I’ve noticed the small changes I’ve made to my life since starting Project Clean and Lean has really helped me lose the kilos.  Previously I was mainly driving to work when I lived in Dubai and now walking to work as well as being aware of what I’m eating has been a significant change.  I am no longer in the slightly overweight BMI category now and it makes a huge difference to your self esteem, happiness and appearance.

Yesterday I went shopping for some new items of clothing.  I was picking out a size that I hadn’t been able to fit into for a good few years and it was a lovely surprise, they were too big for me! As you can tell, I am now having to revamp my wardrobe, which is by no means a bad thing and having the pleasure of trying on styles which you avoided previously due to dressing for your size or problem areas.

As I’m at the stage of losing the final few kilos, I need to work on toning up.  My next phase of this project is to keep with the walking/running but to incorporate more strength and toning exercises.  I’ll report more on the progress of this soon.

Things to note for this week:

– Keep with the healthy eating (still not eating carbs in the evening, trying to eat clean)

– Limit alcohol intake (have barely drunk over the past few weeks)

– Maintain walking to work

– Start incorporating strength and toning exercises (looking for a six-pack and no wobbly bits!!)

– Focus on the last 3.5kgs that I need to lose by the end of January in preparation for the Big Day in February!


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