Slipping back into my old ways – woops!

I admit it, it’s happening…after months of hard work I am going back to my old ways! This is terrible! Sorry for not posting sooner but it’s been rather hectic being back in the UK, working in London is just hard work!

Now, not to complain too much (but I will a bit, after all this is a blog about a real person with a real job trying to live a real life), the commute and long hours are taking their toll. I am up at the crack of dawn, commute over an hour and a bit to work and then do a long stint in the office, only to want to just go home and have a relaxing night.

So where is the walking to work? the exercise combined in my daily life? the clean and lean meals? Well, ok I am dramatising a bit but it is hard trying to ensure I eat clean, do some exercise and also, as the clean and lean diet promotes: ‘to relax and de-stress’.

As I never get home before 7pm, I am trying to fit in some exercise in my day, so I am walking from the mainline station to my office rather than taking the tube (one stop), so this adds a 50 minute round trip walk to my day and saves on the pennies too! I have now joined a gym near work which will make it easier to head off after a day’s slog in the office. I am undertaking interval training on the treadmill – this is where you work very very hard for a shorter amount of time, interspersing high intensity running with low, rather than plodding along on the bike or running at a leisurely pace. See this article on about interval training on treadmills.

I also have that post-wedding party to think about…hmm. Only six weeks away!! Need drastic action as I measured myself today and have put on around an inch all over – terrible! Everyone wants me to put my wedding dress on – not sure if it’ll fit now and am feeling bleurgh and bloated at the moment – must find a solution…maybe the 6 day tummy transformer from the Clean and Lean diet will kick start me off? I’ll look into it…


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