That green dress and my year of clean and lean

That green dress

Ok, so a few weeks ago I mentioned the green dress that I needed to get into for our post-wedding party, well this morning I tried it on and it zips up in one go (before I was struggling a little to zip it up and sort of couldn’t breath in it), luckily it now fits! I was wondering how that could be considering I hadn’t been going crazy in the gym and I worked out why: sensible eating, no booze, doing interval training and strength exercises in the gym and walking…a lot.

Now you might just wonder that the above is pretty obvious right? Well it is, but maybe just those minor changes in your life makes all the difference. An example of my routine has been:

  • Breakfast of porridge and banana first thing in the morning, tried to do eggs but only once this week
  • Mid-morning snack of fruit (usually blueberries or mango) or a handful of nuts;
  • Lunch is a simple salad with chicken and a light dressing of basil oil and a squeeze of lemon;
  • Afternoon snack of fruit or 2-3 oat cakes with a thin coating of peanut butter or fresh avocado;
  • Dinner consisting of veggies and some meat such as baked salmon, grilled lamb chop or stir fried chicken. As a treat, I’d have a piece or two of 70% cocoa dark chocolate or a small ice pop.

Walking: I’m walking to and from the mainline station every day – I walk in my running shoes and change at work and the walk takes around 20-25 minutes each way (50 minutes per day). Great to do this as it clears my mind from the long train journey and you get to breath in some fresh* (ahem) London air.

Gym: Only managed to go once last week (terrible! but so busy at work), but I made the most of my 40 minutes by running like a demon and doing interval training, working on the core with a 2lb medicine ball and squats with 3kgs weights.

Booze: Big downfall usually but managed to abstain from it all week. I have been drinking red wine mainly on the weekends and sort of relax the diet a little but luckily no change on the weight and weirdly I’ve lost a few cms on my waist, arms and legs.

The only major issue I have right now is my lower waist, which has decreased considerably overall (I’ve lost 4.5 inches in total) and this is where I put on most of my weight; also one of the most dangerous areas to put on fat so I need to be mindful of that. There’s a section in James’s book about ‘pooch’ belly so will have a read and report back next time on how to battle it.

My year of clean and lean

I started this diet a year ago, in order to lose some kilos for my wedding and to be healthier and to look and feel better in myself. Although I didn’t have lots and lots of weight to lose, those 11 kilos I have lost has meant that I’m now in the healthy BMI range, I fit into clothes that were too tight before, I also have clothes that now don’t fit – they fall off me – but that’s a good thing, I can assign them to the charity bin! I have a different attitude to the way I eat and have adjusted my lifestyle to suit. It does require a lot of will power and determination but it’s also something to be proud of. My goal now is to shift those last 2-3 kilos and get rid of my pooch belly…for good!

(*as fresh as central London air can get!)

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