No excuses!

I’ve decided to stop using being too busy or tired as an excuse to not exercise, so have thought about how to incorporate it in my day.

Monday: I got off a tube stop early and walked the rest of the way to work

Tuesday: I took my gear to work and ran from work to the mainline station I take to go home. The run was about 30 mins and is beautiful along Chelsea Embankment.

Wednesday: rest day

Thursday (today): Again, the run along Chelsea Embankment but it’s hot in London today so had to take it steady and easy.

Suffice to say I felt quite virtuous when a rotund lady sat down beside me and began eating her doughnut!

I’ve decided to make this my regime with the run three times per week and to try and walk to the next station rather than going to the nearest one.

Every little counts!


2 thoughts on “No excuses!

  1. Alina says:

    Hi there, I’m so glad I’ve come across your blog – so inspirational! I am starting the Clean & Lean Kickstart diet this Saturday – I am now in the middle of planning and am going grocery shopping on Thursday. I know it’s going to be hard at the beginning, but your blog proves that it CAN be done, with a little bit (or maybe a lot?) of effort! I am determined to make this lifestyle change and I will for sure be checking your blog regularly for some inspiration and motivation.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences and good luck with keeping the healthy lifestyle!

    Ps. You looked gorgeous on your wedding day, congratulations! 🙂

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