Technology in your hands – reviewing the Jawbone UP

My blue Jawbone UP

My blue Jawbone UP

Well not strictly in your hands but certainly on your wrist!

A few months ago I got myself and the hubby a Jawbone UP (health tracker) wristband because I’m pretty nosey and interested in how my body’s functioning. It’s not cheap (ranges from £80-£100) but I thought I’d give it a try.

After spending ages trying to find a blue one (it comes in all manner of colours, some of which were not available) I bought it online. It’s an interesting design with one end that unplugs to charge up via a provided headphone socket through a USB connector. This doesn’t take very long – around 90 mins or so and the battery life is ten days.

The band itself has a funky design and it has a button on one end which you have to press for a manner of functions such as logging your workout, sleep and awake modes even for taking a nap.

You have to download the free app onto your phone, plugging in your UP to sync it the first time round. Log in a few personal details such as your height and weight and then that’s it, away you go. The UP is meant to be worn constantly so it tracks your movements: from the number of light and deep sleep you have to the number of resting calories you burn. If you’re wondering if you’ve hit your 10,000 steps goal then it’ll tell you…and tell you off if you haven’t.

I love understanding how much I’ve slept (or not slept), how a simple walk at lunchtime adds to your steps goal and that you’re still burning calories when you’re sitting. It even vibrates to tell you when you’ve been sitting for too long, which gave me a mega fright at work one day (embarrassing!). Note to self: get more sleep.

So, if you’re a stat loving, nosey so-and-so like me, I’d recommend the UP, really interesting stuff and it’s all about you!


Sleeping stats

Sleeping stats

Daily UP stats

Daily UP stats

For the love of stats

For the love of stats! Loving the motivational talk


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