New Year. New Resolutions. What’s your goal?

What’s your goal?
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So, one of my favourite times of the year. Lists and resolutions! Do we make them, then break them at the first hurdle? When the going gets tough and you sneak a bit of that cake, that chocolate bar or a nice glass of wine after a stressful day? It is hard but as they say, have a goal and take mini steps towards them.

My goal when I lost those 10 kgs for my wedding was to simply look toned and healthy. I did have to quantify it and aimed for 12 kgs, which was marginally a little short of my target but good enough. I still had fun (drank booze and ate what I wanted in moderation) but the main thing was cutting out certain foods and doing a lot of exercise – there is no getting away from that and limiting your food intake alone does not help.

I am actually intolerant to a number of things, mainly lactose and yeast but yet I still have ice cream and bread, sometimes the odd beer or two. My resolution is to cut it out altogether as I’ve noticed even in moderation it still bloats me. So no more of that. Coupled with the usual kick-start plan: no booze, no cake, no crisps, then slowly I can let it loose a little so I don’t feel like I’m missing out.

I’m also going to follow more recipes from the Clean and Lean Cookbook too, plus try to get to sleep earlier, which, according to my new Jawbone UP, I am seriously lacking. My goal is to do all of the above and lose initially 2 kgs in a month (slowly but surely) and an additional 1 kg a month over the next six months – 7 kgs in total, bringing me back to my wedding weight and less. No more wobbly bits and bingo wings – in time for my holiday to New York in June and those cute Summer dresses. Easy, simple steps with a time frame and goal in mind.

So what are your goals to healthy living then?


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