You are what you eat?

Scrummy chicken salad

Scrummy chicken salad

The New Year started with a bit of a whirl and one of my New Years’ Resolutions was to sign up to some courses.

So here begins Day One of my Sports Nutrition course; I’ve made a big leap into making this something I might want to do as a job –  be it as a sports nutritionist, a general nutritionist, a foodie writer or all three! Who knows?

I happened upon this via a Groupon offer, so just wanted to dip my toe in the water and see if it suited me. Yes, I know it’s now March but it just means I have to play catch up!

The kinds of things I’ll be learning are the basics of nutrition science from how we process our food to their food groups and why or how our body uses them.  I’ll also be learning about the different types of sports, energy requirement and optimum nutrition for performance and recovery.

Getting excited to find out more so I hope to impart some of what I’ll learn onto you, so follow me if you haven’t already!


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