Making smoothies with the Nutri Ninja

The Nutri Ninja: £70-£80 on Amazon

I have a new toy!

I had some Amazon vouchers for Christmas so after much researching and video watching, I opted for the Nutri Ninja.  It’s a powerful smoothie maker (900 watts and 21,000 revs per minute no less!) with handy cups in two different sizes: 500ml and 650ml with two lids for on-the-go smoothies. It’s pretty easy to use with a lid that has four blades which literally whizz up anything! I tried different smoothies from the Clean and Lean book and some Paleo recipes online including pineapple, mango, apple, blueberries, bananas, spinach, kale, cucumber, ginger and it all comes out in liquid form.  Great for detoxing, getting enough nutrients in your day and for breakfast on the go.

A bit full! Add less ingredients and more liquid

A bit full! Add less ingredients and more liquid

One thing that I do recommend is adding enough water (I also used coconut water and almond milk, depending on what kind of smoothie I wanted) as it turns into a massive mulch otherwise.  I’m aiming to have a smoothie of some description everyday to ensure I’m eating enough nutrients if I don’t manage to get enough in my meals.

I found that one of my shortcuts in the morning was grabbing some toast on the go so to ensure I don’t do this, I’ve prepped some packets of smoothie ingredients and froze them so they were ready to go.  The only thing that doesn’t work from freezer to smoothie is pineapple so save some of those back in the fridge or defrost first if you can.

Here’s a simple recipe:

Banana and mango smoothie

You’ll need the 500ml cup

1/2 banana

1/4 mango (no skin)

200ml almond milk

– Pulse a few times first to mix the core ingredients then whizz for about 20-30 seconds until totally smooth.  I also added a pinch of linseed and if it’s not sweet enough for you, add a squirt of honey.

I will post some more smoothie recipes soon and in the meantime, if you can’t get a Nutri Ninja, your blender should work but may not get an entirely smooth result on some ingredients. Enjoy!


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