The aftermath of New Year dieting

It is universally acknowledged that after the New Year, people are on a bit of a mission with their diets, concoctions, pills and powders, resolutions to join the gym, walk more, run more, take spinning classes…the list goes on.

I’ve tried a few diets in my time and it comes back to the good old-fashioned: eat less, move more. This, of course, is easier said than done, so for now, I’m discounting other factors that may work against this rule.

After the new year I started with the Paleo Diet to see if it suited my lifestyle (it didn’t really, too much faffing with various flours and special ingredients that you can’t find anywhere) and I made a pact to keep up with the running – which [insert big pat on back] I have maintained at least three runs per week – anything from 25 minutes to one hour each time depending on how I felt, did my triceps dips, my standing push ups and some squats to mix it up a little, but what’s been achieved? a paltry 1 kg loss to begin with now it’s back to 0 kgs lost.  Do you know the reason why? I am still drinking booze!  The evil wine that I can’t say no to (sounding like an alki here but I am not really, I just like my wine – ok that didn’t work), however, what to do? With fear of being a binge drinker, do you abstain all week then have a few at the weekend? Do you have a little snifter every night to keep you ticking over? Do you literally just give up altogether and be a designated driver for the rest of your life?

Not sure what the answer is here but take a look at what the experts say in this article by BBC Good Food – I think a balancing act needs to happen.  It’s all in moderation I suppose: a bit of wine here and there, trying to eat well 80% of the time and mixing up the exercise (running, yoga, doing weights, cycling). As they say, you have to keep the body guessing!


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