Happy Easter and a new regime?

It’s that time of year again to gorge yourself silly on all things chocolaty! But should we…?

I went to the shops this week to see what I could find for my Summer wardrobe, tried on a couple of items but found a bit of a wobbly belly poking out!  After months of hibernation under layers of clothes, Summer’s coming and we need to get rid of those extra kgs.  I work as a freelancer in London and I tend to be in different locations all the time so I like to see how I can fit in a run from my place of work (avoiding the crowded tube) to my mainline train station home.  I’ve done a recce and it looks like my new route will be around a 8k run – probably more than what I’d like to do three times per week but I will try and fit it in once per a week and intersperse it with some yoga.  There’s a Bikram Yoga studio nearby so will try and join up for a while.

Let’s see how to blast that wobbly belly and burn some fat! I’ll start after Easter and will document my journey with the aim to shed some kgs by the end of June – maybe 3 kgs is good for starters?  To kick start me off, I will try and embark on the 14-day plan from the book.  In the meantime, enjoy the choccies and Happy Easter!


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