Gearing up for winter running


Since recently moving to a colder climate such as Sweden, I vowed that I wouldn’t give up my running routine, especially seeing as it’s my New Year’s Resolution (again).  My Swedish friend told me that “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing” and with that in mind I splashed out on new gear to help me prepare for the chilly days (Baltic temperatures of up to -14c!).

My normal running pants weren’t nearly warm enough, so have invested in a thicker pair from Craft Sportswear which are comfy, warm, stretchy and has zips on the calf and a handy pocket for your keys below the waistband at the back.  The investment of SEK599 (£48/€65) is well worth it if you’re serious about keeping up with the running in the cold.  I love them!


Next on my investment list is a pair of winter shoe grips.  I think these are deliberately quite hard to put on your running shoe as it needs to be tight on.  There are strategically placed (ball of foot, middle and at the heel), replaceable studs that grip as you run so you don’t lose traction. I (foolishly) tried to go out for a run the other day without these on (as it was a balmy 0c and it hadn’t been snowing) but me being a newbie to cold weather, forgot about that little thing called black ice.  As much as they’re great at gritting the pavements and roads here in Stockholm, not every path is gritted, so after a miserable 10 minutes of slipping and sliding, I returned home with my proverbial tail between my legs. Never again!  I bought these by Springyard (Active Grip) which were SEK149 (£12/€16), so worth it just so you don’t break a leg!

Further to my winter running ensemble, are my trusty running gloves.  They are the best! Just a simple pair of Karrimor sports gloves, which are cheap but effective.  I purchased mine at Lilywhites in London but any good sports store has similar. They keep my hands warm while I do my standing push ups and tricep dips on the bench.  Perfect!

Happy winter running!



One thought on “Gearing up for winter running

  1. janerunswild says:

    Nice photos, thanks for your review! I just got a new pair of running gloves and if they don’t live up to expectations then I will check yours out. Thanks and happy running!

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