Running to the beat


I was fed up with my standard issue iPhone headphones falling out of my ear so I decided to purchase these PowerBeats Wireless headphones after a friend of mine said his brother swore by them.

Admittedly they are not cheap, but seeing as I’m a frequent runner, I felt that it justified the investment.  They’re very lightweight and sits comfortably in your ear.  It even has a microphone piece (for those out of breath (or not!) huffing and puffing important calls) and like an mobile phone headset, it does have the volume button as well.

To connect it to your music you need to activate bluetooth by pressing on the left ear piece and sync it with your phone/device.  While it doesn’t work with the older generation music players because of the bluetooth aspect, if you have music on a bluetooth enabled device then it’s a winner.  As I pretty much only listen to Spotify on my iPhone anyway, I can now run along to the music without having to fiddle about with my ear piece all the time.  It powers up quickly via a USB port and comes in a handy little case.  I did try using it with my iPad to watch films but found that it lags, which can be a bit disconcerting!




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