Back in the saddle again


I’ve just returned from a lovely 10 day holiday in Sri Lanka.  The sun, sea, city buzz and especially the food and booze were all fabulous and thoroughly enjoyable.   So, after a glorious trip, I’ve decided to get back in the Clean and Lean saddle again.  Since I initially started this ‘way of eating’, I’ve had a few slip ups here and there – it’s not all easy-going! Since moving to Sweden last August I’ve been getting into the culture of Fika (coffee and cake) and it’s now time to look ahead to the summer after a long winter of being wrapped up in warm clothing.

Although this year it’s not my wedding I’m looking forward to, I have two very good friends who are getting married (both in July) and as we do, we’d like to look our best even though the spotlight is not on us.  With that in mind, I have roped in my hubby to undertake the clean and lean ‘diet’ too.  He has never been on a diet and has decided that it’s time to shed a few of those kilos that have been clinging on for a while so we have made a pact to go on this together! It’s a first!

Funnily, while in the car travelling from Sri Lanka’s beach area of Galle back to the capital Colombo, I devised a plan to get us going.   It’s about 20/21 weeks until the weddings so I’ve created some milestones for us to aim for in this weight loss journey:

Week 1 – 6* (by Easter @ end March) – 5 weeks:

Hubby: 2 kgs/week (total loss = 10kgs) ; me: 1 kg/week (total loss = 5 kgs)

Week 7 – 12 (by early May) – 6 weeks:

Hubby: 1 kgs/week (total loss = 6kgs); me: 0.5kg/week (total loss = 3kgs)

Week 13 – 18 (by end June) – 6 weeks:

Hubby: 1kgs/week (total loss = 6 kgs); me: 0.5kg/week (total loss = 3kgs)

Week 19 – 21 (by mid July – wedding time!) – 3 weeks:

Hubby: 0.5kgs/week (total loss = 1.5kgs); me = maintenance

Total loss = hubby @23.5kgs; me @ 11kgs

Now, granted, the above is very ambitious targets, I know! but at least it’s something to work towards.  To accompany our change in food habits, we will also be taking up cycling, running and strength training, doing at least one of these things every day for the next 20 or so weeks.

Wish us luck and I will be posting our progress here….

*Note: not counting the first week here, calculations start from Week 2


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