Day 1: Food for thought


Food shopping was easy yesterday.  Armed with my list, I literally went straight for the veg section and then the meat.  That’s it! No rummaging around for biscuits, sweets, cakes, packets of this or that, no pasta or rice, no dairy – nothing!

I have decided to buy a selection of frozen veg as I will mainly be steaming these anyway, I felt that they’d still contain their nutritional value and means we can get better value for money.  I did the same with the salmon and chicken as these will be defrosted and baked.  Buying fresh everyday or even just leaving them in the fridge could mean that we won’t eat everything in time so it’d just go to waste.  The book doesn’t suggest this but with a bit of common-sense logic, that’s what I’ve decided to do.

The 14 day kickstart diet mainly consists of veg and meat with some nuts thrown in.  I started on some prep last night as well and cooked up a batch of chicken (roasted with lemon juice and thyme) and cut up some carrots, peppers and cucumbers.  I also prepped the next day’s lunch box (I used up some leftover feta even though I shouldn’t add cheese, I think it’ll make days of eating salad a bit more palatable!) and steamed the veg needed for brekkie.


This morning’s brekkie was 100g of chicken with scrambled egg (I forgot to get some smoked salmon yesterday, duh) with a sprinkle of smoked paprika and a decent portion of spinach.  We supplemented this with a multi-vitamin and a salmon oil tablet.


I sent my hubby off to work with the chicken salad, some nuts, a veg snack, a dressing of olive oil and lemon, some green tea and that was it.  As I weighed out the 100g of chicken it didn’t seem as small as I thought, a good palm sized portion seemed enough.  As he left, I felt a little sorry for him but he was in good spirits and was keen to commit to this diet, let’s see what he has to say at the end of the week!

When I started on the diet a few years back, in prep for my wedding, I experienced by the fourth day some headaches and a very rumbly belly.  Not pleasant but it’s your body expelling the toxins and getting used to a different way of eating. According to James Duigan in a Good Housekeeping article you can combat this by: “…ensuring you nourish your body with plenty of nutrients to help support your body to detox. Drink plenty of water, add more fibre to your diet from foods such as flax seeds. Also, ensure you eat some healthy fats at each meal so you don’t feel tired; avocados, fish oil or coconut yogurt are all great sources. Giving up sugar or caffeine can trigger headaches and a slump in energy. Supporting your body with healthy sugars from foods, such as blueberries, is a great way to alleviate these symptoms. If giving up coffee is too much, try cutting back to one a day sprinkled with cinnamon to help regulate blood sugar levels.”

Great advice! Let’s see how the week goes and I’ll post some more updates soon.



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