Day 4: diet update

We are now on Day 4 and it’s going great guns! ¬†My routine of prep and organisation is working well, with on-hand snacks and pre-prepared chicken and veg ready.

It’s been hard resisting the many Semla buns, cakes and goodies at the shops here in Stockholm; it’s a country of bread and cake lovers with Fika being a cultural institution! I love it but the sugary cakes do not love me ūüė¶

Some main things to note about Week 1 of the diet:

Day 1: positive thoughts, energy and motivation

Day 2: still positive thoughts, some energy and motivation and beginnings of a rumbly tummy

Day 3: some positive thoughts, some energy, a bit of motivation and salivating at the thought of a burger and some red wine, especially as I was at an afternoon Fika and people were indeed drinking wine and I could smell some burgers in the background!  However, I resisted, ate my handful of nuts that I took with me and sipped on my green tea.

I have been helping hubby with his meals, as I said, he’s never done a diet before so I needed to encourage him in his quest to lose those kilos. ¬†He’s been very good about it and his thoughts are that he’s finding it hard to give up the multiple coffees he’s been slurping. He says he usually has three or four a day but now I have asked him to reduce this to one at breakfast and (if craving it) another during the day but not after 3pm. ¬† He has also been feeling very tired, even yawning at 8pm. ¬†I put this down to the sudden reduction of caffeine¬†and also (admittedly) the lack of food he’s been consuming.

More updates coming soon…


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