14 day kickstart snapshot of meals

As mentioned before, here is a snapshot of some of the delights we have been eating the past few days on this clean and lean kickstart diet:

Above meals, clockwise, is: ham (2 egg) omelette with half of a small avocado, 100g chicken and rocket, peppers, cucumber and cherry tomato salad, poached egg on 50g salmon with half a cup of spinach, pre-chopped cucumber, carrots, peppers and celery, pre-baked lemon and thyme chicken breasts, 100g chicken with scrambled egg and spinach.

The meals are a little bit of a variation to the book but the principle of what we’re eating is the same; there are mainly veg and eggs and I think that it’s not too bad when you think about the benefits of cutting the carbs and sugar in this 14 day clean and lean kickstart diet. I’m ok with eliminating coffee as I don’t really drink it anyway and I think the meals are actually quite tasty and filling.  I think that as we are so used to having more on our plate and eating other things such as bread, fruit and rice, our tummies are rumbling because of this.  Once you get over that and exercise a bit of willpower then the initial week goes by soon enough.  It is tough and a bit miserable but now we’re coming up to halfway through, it’ll get easier as we get used to eating differently.

I’ll add more meals to the gallery soon…


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