Day 7: Review of the kickstart diet

Week 1 is over!

Only one more week to go on this 14 day clean and lean kickstart diet! So how has it been?

  • In the main, it’s been pretty good; it’s definitely easier when there are two of you to motivate and keep each other on track
  • I’ve had fun imparting my clean and lean experience onto my hubby and he’s been a model student 🙂
  • Meal prep and organisation is very very key.  Dedicate some time before you start and organise your shopping, create a list and clear out the fridge.  I got rid of things I didn’t need for the kickstart by either having one last blowout (I know, I actually did have a Semla bun…yum) or freezing items such as bread or any fruit
  • I prepped the next day’s lunches and some breakfasts in advance, such as chopping up a batch of veg or pre-baking and weighing the chicken so it’s in handy portions
  • I drank a lot of water and took a few sips when I was feeling a bit peckish (they say that you are probably thirsty not hungry)
  • Tiredness crept in and we actually went to bed early! Hubby said he had slept very well this week, which is a bonus as sleep is key to retuning your body for the next day
  • I haven’t had headaches this time round, maybe it’s because I have been eating healthy fats with each meal (salmon, avocado, taking salmon oil tablets) which is meant to help with this
  • I kept the Clean and Lean book out on the counter top so I could refer to it during the week to help plan the meals and look at mixing it up here and there as suggested by James Duigan
  • I told myself that if Elle Macpherson could look so good in her 50s because she follows the Clean and Lean diet then there’s hope for us all – well at least it’s something to aspire to!!

Body envy: Elle Macpherson – in her 50s and looking fab! Pic: Daily Mail

Our exercises for this week

As part of the 14 day kickstart, there are some exercises that we can follow.  However, I am currently going to Pilates twice per week and running three times per week, mixing strength and up-hill running/HIIT workouts.  Hubby currently cycles 40 minutes every day to/from work so he’s getting his cardio into his working week.  I think that if you are active and try to incorporate part cardio and part strength in your week then that’s a good start.

I found a very funny guy who I follow on Facebook.  He posts short, 15 minute workout videos which I have tried and found pretty effective in getting your body moving or for targeting certain areas such as your abs or upper body. Who’d thought that doing planks in between reps is ok?! Apparently it’s called ‘active resting’. Take a look at Brandon Carter’s YouTube page.  Great for a short burst of exercise especially if the weather’s rotten outside and you don’t fancy leaving the house.


On Day 6 I had a couple of glasses of red wine 😦 it was too much to bear as I was out with friends and well….you know the score. Eeeeeek! I put it down to a momentary loss of will power but am not going to beat myself up about it.  I will stick to the diet as planned!

The weigh in

On a brighter note, today is Weigh In Day, the stats are in and in a nutshell:

Hubby: Lost an amazing 4.2kgs (9.24lbs)! Also 2 inches off his chest and waist.

Me: Lost a very respectable 1.8kgs (3.96lbs) and 0.5 inches (1.27cm) from my bust and 1 inch (2.54cm) from my waist!

Roll on Week Two…


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