Day 14: Clean and Lean Kickstart Review

Well, the 14 day kickstart is now over so what has it been like this week?

I have managed to get on with it; preparing breakfasts and lunches galore following the structure of clean and lean meals, lots of fresh vegetables, steamed or baked fish and meat.  I haven’t succumbed to chocolate, cake, fruit or any sugary stuff and have only drunk a little coffee just before going running (it’s meant to give you an extra energy boost).  Apart from the little blip last Saturday with the red wine, I have abstained from any booze, drunk loads of water and have been religiously doing my regular twice weekly Pilates and thrice weekly runs.

The weigh in

And I have lost 0.6kgs (1.3 lbs) since last weigh in.  Meaning my first week weight loss of 2kgs has slowed down in Week 2.

So, what does that mean? To double check, I also measured myself and have still lost 0.5 inches (1.27 cm) from my bust and still an inch (2.54 cm) each from my waist and hips.  My thighs and arms have stayed the same.  An article by Livestrong says if you are losing inches from your waist, hips, thighs and arms but the scale still appears the same, you are building lean muscle and shedding fat which is still good news!  Clean and lean is about building that lean look for life rather than a malnourished, skinny body.

For hubby, he has also lost weight slower this week, with a loss of 0.6kgs (1.3lbs) but overall an impressive 4.8kgs (10.56 lbs) in just 14 days.  He has lost inches from his body and now I have managed to obtain the Clean and Lean Warrior book on Kindle, I can put him on a different programme going forward as the initial 14 day kickstart seemed to be geared towards women with quite small portions.

My overall thoughts

Overall, I think that it’s been ok, a bit boring eating the same food (the 14 day is a lot stricter with what you can eat). With mid-week weigh ins for motivational purposes, this has definitely spurred us on to maintain a healthier way of eating and living.  The kickstart is great to get your body used to eating better and it is a reminder of the key principles of a clean and lean diet.  Admittedly I still have cravings for something sweet but maybe it’s because we were not allowed to eat fruit in the kickstart and this is something that I feel I have missed a lot.  I also had a couple of dizzy spells during the first week which was a bit disconcerting, but I do put this down to a reduction of calories and my body getting used to it, so being able to introduce fruit and some complex carbs into the diet is welcome!

I’ve found that the book is quite restrictive in how you prepare your food and I think in principle steaming, baking and grilling your food is great but does not help a busy working person or parent.  I’ve found buying frozen fish, meat and veg helps by cutting out the need to buy fresh all the time and just defrosting when you need it worked out fine for me.  I even used a microwave steamer to steam frozen veg which was very handy and worked a treat.  I did have to prep well and think ahead about meals but it becomes second nature in no time.

Clean and Lean for life?

As we aim to reach our ideal weight (target: weddings in July) and we have a blowout meal or a holiday where we eat to our heart’s content, then just going back on the kickstart for a week will get us back in shape again. Now, I’m not suggesting everyone should do this but I think it’s a good way to lose those extra few kilos. It is also suggested that we have a cheat meal once per week so that we do not feel denied of our guilty pleasures, we are allowed to have it! It will kickstart the metabolism again and keep burning fat, phewww!

I’m interested to see how the Clean and Lean Warrior diet works out for hubby, so shall post an update once we get going on this.  For me, I will remember these key principles:

  1. Fruit (such as berries) and only good carbs in the morning or early afternoon
  2. Drink plenty of water
  3. Limit caffeine
  4. Limit booze and if I do then only drink vodka with soda, G&T or red wine
  5. Keep eating lots of lean meat and fish
  6. Keep eating lots of green veg
  7. Have a cheat meal once per week
  8. No processed foods and if I do have bread or a cake, I’ll try to make them myself so I know what’s in them
  9. Keep up with the cardio and strength exercises and mix it up
  10. Keep an eye on portions

I will keep posting some key updates on our progress, so remember to follow me and sign up to email alerts! I’m also on Twitter for regular updates.






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