Clean and Lean: 3 month review

It’s been three months since we returned from our fabulous (curry-and-beer-laden) holiday in Sri Lanka and my husband and I made a pact to go clean and lean.  I had already done a kickstart clean and lean diet for our wedding over four years ago and I lost an amazing 10 kilos but ended up putting back on four kilos since.  My hubby hadn’t undertaken any type of diet ever so I was keen to make him my ‘project’ and see how it worked for men.

So what have the last three months been like?

I’m pleased to say that we’re both sticking to the fundamental rules of cutting the CRAP (James Duigan’s words not mine) of eliminating caffeine, refined sugar, alcohol and processed foods.  Well sort of…my husband has definitely cut down on the coffee to two per day and doesn’t drink any after 2pm, we have both mainly eliminated sugar except for a small treat here and there, we have cut down on alcohol considerably and he has mainly cut out beer.  We have never really eaten processed foods much anyway and we now don’t have packet cereals or muesli and usually opt for eggs or porridge in the mornings.

Weekly weigh in and measuring routine

We have weekly weigh ins to check on our progress and also measure ourselves too.  I find this helps with keeping track and also motivates us to continue with our new way of eating.  It may seem a little extreme but for anyone considering this diet or losing weight in general it gives some indication on what’s happening with your body.  For example, you may not lose weight but are still losing inches indicating you may be building muscle and getting leaner. I think scales alone can be a bit misleading and one of the best ways to stay focussed is to find a dress or an outfit that did not fit previously.  Just last weekend I dug out some clothes from storage and delightfully found two pairs of shorts and a pair of trousers that were a bit snug which now fit (actually they are too big!).  Now I don’t need to buy new clothes for our forthcoming holidays. Result!! So it’s a bit of a no-brainer that you lose the kilos and become healthier and also gain a new wardrobe, win-win all round.

What about food?

So what have we been eating? I try to remember the rules such as ensuring we have snacks to keep hunger pangs at bay and to drink enough water.  The main change is that we are not eating large meals or carbs in the evening and restricting carbs such as white rice, pasta and potatoes from our diet.  I have been eating a lot of eggs, vegetables and nuts so as per my previous post, I have been buying a lot of bulk frozen vegetables and steaming them.  They taste just as nice and easy to store and cook as well.


It goes without saying that we have also upped our exercise.  I was starting to reach a plateau just a few weeks ago and decided to bite the bullet and join a gym (I did say previously that I didn’t want to join and preferred exercising outdoors – which I still do).  I have found that doing more strength work has really helped kickstart my weight loss again and even though I am definitely building more muscle and becoming more toned, I am slowly but surely still heading towards my weight loss goal and whittling the inches off my body.  I would thoroughly recommend combining cardio (I still run outdoors) with a good strength training programme (whether at the gym or at home with weights or using your body weight).

The results?

It’s been a steady move towards the right direction.  In the initial few weeks, we both lost a good amount with the kickstart diet, which is a bit boring and you are constantly hungry (this is the obvious downside), however, we lost the kilos nonetheless which makes it seem worth it.  Now three months later:


Weight: Loss 5.1 kgs (11.22 lbs)

Bust: Loss 2.75 inches (6.98 cms)

Waist: Loss 4.25 inches (10.7 cms)

Hips: Loss 2.75 inches (6.98 cms)


Weight: Loss 10.6 kgs (23.32 lbs)

Chest: Loss 4.5 inches (11.43 cms)

Waist: Loss 7 inches (17.78 cms)

Hips: Loss 4.25 inches (10.79 cms)

We both still have a few more kilos and inches to lose but we’re already halfway there now which is very satisfying.  As this is a way of life and not a fad diet, we are regarding this as a slow burn, hopefully losing the extra kilos slowly but surely.  I’m really happy with the results and my husband is definitely a true believer in the clean and lean diet!!

If you are planning to start this diet (or new lifestyle of eating), please remember to consult your doctor first if in doubt as I’m obviously speaking from experience and it may not suit everyone.  Good luck and I’d love to hear from anyone who’s undertaken this diet or any other weight loss journey, just comment below.

More updates on our progress to come very soon…


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