Jamie’s Everyday Super Food Book

I love Jamie Oliver, I really do.

I’ve followed him from the start when he was a cheeky chappie chef on telly to the super hero food warrior that we all know and love today.  As I’ve ‘grown up’ with Jamie, he’s grown with us too from his quick ‘n’ easy 30 minute meals, Italian cooking, home comforts and now to the mindful and health conscious that we’re all becoming today.

Jamie’s Everyday Super Food book eases us into the now-we-must-watch-what-we-eat territory and it’s pretty fab.  I started the clean and lean diet because of the onset of adding on the extra weight which won’t shift so this book is right up my street to try out some new recipes.

There’s a little bit of work to be done when prepping from this book but all for a good cause – we don’t want to eat packet, sugar and additive laden food so the recipes strip the unnecessary and brings in the necessary.  The granola dust is a great addition to porridge loaded with goodies such as berries, nuts and seeds.  Classic breakfast dishes such as eggs and beans have been reinvented to accommodate the all so important protein for our muscles – just perfect for a post-workout meal.  Fruit soups, superfood protein loaves, stir fries, curries and other delights have been carefully updated to ensure we meet our nutritional values for the day.

I’ll be trying these out so will post some pics on Twitter and on some future posts to give you an idea of how easy these are to prepare and for taste.

Happy Superfooding!