Review: The Clean and Lean Year

So it’s that time of year again: parties, food, boozing, food, parties, boozing, maybe the gym?  It’s hard to resist isn’t it?

Fortunately, I’ve been able to restrain myself a bit and spread out the parties and boozing and luckily maintained my weight after restarting the Clean and Lean diet earlier this year.

I’ve also introduced weight training; pretty much my gym workouts are usually split as: 10% cardio (warm-up or cool-down) / 60% resistance or weights / 30% core.  I’ve noticed that doing this has really re-shaped my body and this is coming from someone who’s not been a fan of weight training previously, usually opting for mostly cardio and some half-hearted sit ups.

Going to Pilates has really opened my eyes up to working the core and keeping it strong and the weights have helped sculpt my body giving myself a bit of definition (loving it!).  Having said that, I’m still working on the six-pack and wobbly bits here and there but it’s helped so much in keeping the weight gain at bay.  This in turn has also helped me become a better runner with more strength and with (obviously) less weight to carry.

So, what now? The dreaded plateau has returned. I’ve kept the kilos lost off and am still working on my strength…but the weight (and measurements) have come to a standstill.  My goal is to shift the last few won’t-budge kilos that then means you can stick to maintenance knowing you’re at a healthy size and weight.

My weakness is a cheeky wine and a piece of cake or biscuit here and there (I blame Swedish Fika) and so, as a New Year’s Resolution, it’s time to cut these out.  Both laden with sugar, I will be going on the Kickstart regime in the New Year, so watch this space!

In the meantime, I’ll be sticking with the main principles of eating clean and the 80/20 rule (mainly good, occasionally bad) over the next few weeks.  W I L L P O W E R ! !

Have a fabulous Festive Season and New Year wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.







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