Reaching My Fighting Weight!

So in my post Review: The Clean and Lean Year I mentioned that I’d come to a bit of a weight-loss plateau.  You know, where you’ve come to a standstill and those few niggly kilos that you can’t get rid of are still lurking.  While I’m pleased that I’ve kept the weight off that I lost last year, I’ve got an end goal which I call my ‘fighting weight’.  The weight that you know you can fit into clothes without jelly bellies and bulges here and there and it’s the weight which is not putting your health at risk. It’s also the weight where you can probably have a little blow out but safe in the knowledge that you can lose it again if you’ve overindulged.

My downfall is wine – hmmm, love a good vino but that has to go…empty calories and no nutritional value whatsoever  😦 The other is sugar, so no Semlas* for me at the moment (ok maybe one at some point before they disappear for the year).

I’ve kickstarted the Clean and Lean diet again, bearing in mind the key principles:

  1. No booze
  2. No sugar
  3. No refined carbs (and not after 6pm)
  4. Lots of sleep
  5. Lots of water
  6. Regular exercise with mainly strength training
  7. No stress!

My new typical food day:

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, spinach, ham and grilled tomatoes with a little shaving of parmesan. Small Nespresso coffee.

Post-workout snack: Plain Greek yoghurt with almonds and a sprinkling of chia seeds, coconut flakes and a drizzle of honey (great protein provider!).

Lunch: Chinese chicken salad with homemade dressing.

Snack: Small Nespresso coffee (but not after 3pm!) and a small satsuma.

Dinner: Baked salmon with cous cous, broccoli and green beans.

I’m also keeping a weight and stats diary with weigh in/measurement taken at the same time every week (currently Sunday mornings before breakfast).

So, let’s see if this will kickstart any weight loss again and if you’re starting Clean and Lean for the first time, check out Back in the saddle again and how I prepped for a change in lifestyle**.

Good luck with your healthy eating journey and follow me for further updates on how mine is going plus some hints and tips along the way…



*A Swedish bun which is loaded with cream, sold and eaten after the new year till Easter.

**Note that I am not a healthcare practitioner and this is my personal blog and opinion only. If in doubt when embarking on any weight loss programme, please consult your doctor.