Set yourself a goal to shift those last few kilos

It’s been a wee while since I last posted and as with anyone with a day-to-day life, we all get a bit swept up with doing other things and maybe our diet or fitness may fall by the wayside.  I’ve been away travelling and eating lots of delicious things which were definitely not clean and lean…whoops – but we’re all human aren’t we?

So, has this affected any weight gain? Thankfully not! For some reason I haven’t gained weight and I believe this is due to me being mindful still about what I’m eating, while not denying myself some treats and keeping up with the fitness and weight training – even while on holiday.  So that’s the key, just keep it up and a little can still help and count to keeping your fitness and muscle tone in check.

I have actually reached a weight loss plateau and felt I needed to step it up a little and do something different.  So, my hubby and I have signed up for a local 10km run! Although I am a regular runner and often go to the gym mixing up elliptical with rowing and the treadmill, I am not shifting those last few kilos.  I don’t usually sign up for these things but felt I needed a goal and a training plan to work towards.

So here goes! I will post more about how I will be training over the next few months before the race in August.


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