Body beautiful: embracing weight and resistance training

Since I started back on the Clean and Lean programme, I joined the gym (even though I preferred The Great Outdoors – see previous post) and decided to really embrace resistance training and weight lifting.


Love your dumbell!

I had always thought of the gym as a sweat pool of body beautiful, muscle bound gym bunnies but decided to ignore my pre-conceptions.  My local SATS (Swedish gym chain) gives you access online to a training plan tailored for your goals when you join so I have been diligently following it and lo-and-behold, I have noticed muscle definition and an ever so slightly beginnings of some abs! I haven’t seen those since I was a skinny teenager so I’m very pleased with my efforts.  In fact, I remember watching the brilliant Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill speeding her way to victory in the 800m at the 2012 Olympics and thought I’d love to have abs like hers – big wish! but now a possibility (never say that dreams don’t come true ;)).

The key to this is to keep maintaining those muscles (for me, not in an obsessive way) but to workout around two to three times per week on free weights, resistance machines and core workouts.  I have done it even at home, in the loo at work (yes I’ve done a few squats and standing push ups in there, don’t tell anybody!) and while I’m cooking in kitchen I’ll do a few standing calf lifts for good measure.  Building muscle can really help with kick starting your metabolism and help you burn calories, even while you’re sitting! This article by Shape Magazine can give you a few hints and tips for starters.

So even in my grand old age, we can change and do something different and out of our comfort zone.  Don’t be afraid…embrace it!


2 thoughts on “Body beautiful: embracing weight and resistance training

  1. SauceBox says:

    Good stuff! Love the positivity attitude! You’ve got my follow. Check out my comedy blog and give it a follow if you like it!

  2. rosiedixon74 says:

    Love it! Been caught a couple of times doing standing press ups in the kitchen at work whilst brewing coffee or heating grub in the microwave.. oh and also in the lift which has a handy rail 🙂 One i love is squats or what i call ‘tip toe butt squeezes’ whilst brusgung teeth! Really easy habit to build. Keep it up Reet!

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