About Me


I currently live in Stockholm, Sweden and started the Clean and Lean diet while living in Sydney, Australia, after being introduced to James Duigan’s book by a friend.

I love the good things in life: food, nice wine, going out and having a laugh. I enjoy travelling, writing, film and photography.

I was actually enjoying some things far too much, hence the onset of some sort of mini mid-life crisis spurred on by my then pending nuptials, could I really live Clean and Lean for a year?

That was in 2010, I embarked on a course of eating clean and lean, started running more regularly and taking up yoga and Pilates.  I lost 10 kgs in six months in preparation for my wedding and hadn’t felt so healthy and lean in years!

Since then I am trying to maintain a clean and lean lifestyle, learning along the way about good food, bad food and too much food.  I like to try out new things (diets/’fads’, different recipes, ways of cooking and types of food) and there is the odd nice meal in a restaurant or two, getting out and about where I live, exercises and gadgets that I’ve tried.  I still like a wine or two and eating out so it’s the balance of this and getting the right foods at other times and ensuring I keep my body moving.

I also wanted to see what I could achieve while holding down a full-time job and living life as the everyday person: no personal trainers, no special food deliveries, no personal nutritionist or professional help, no gym (we love the great outdoors!) and incorporating exercise as part of my daily routine.

Enjoy the blog and hope it helps you to your path of a healthy, balanced way of living.  I’d love to hear from readers who have followed Clean and Lean to see how you’re getting on too!

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